Sunday, December 30, 2012


Here are the long overdue pictures of our 2012 White Christmas party.  It seems redundant to say every year that the hosts outdid themselves. But really, do YOU know anyone who buys restaurant booths just for a party?

I'll start with the set which was taken from the scenes of the train car on it's way from Florida to Vermont (very Vermonty you know). Like I said those are actual restaurant booths and the walls are covered with huge sheets of cardboard hung on specially made frames.

I highly recommend the club sandwiches from this establishment, the chocolate cake also got rave reviews. 

The cast this year:
"Wow" is somewhere between "ouch and boing"
Judy and Phil. I think Nate would agree that she's not exactly repulsive ;)
KP duty. 
We're thankful for all the work that this family puts into making each party a memorable experience. It's certainly something that's a highlight for our family. I can't even imagine how many hours it takes to pull off a party like this!
Stage crew
General Waverly and Susan
Novello and an extra from Novello's club
Phil Davis ~ Did you get Ed Harris on the phone? (Please note the white socks.)
Evan's friend Jessica as Betty from the Mandy scene.
Ginetta as the knight in shining armor that Betty gives Bob.
Susan ~ Why don't you wear your uniform? Please Gramps.
An extra from the Abraham number.
                                                             "Nothing but blue skies"

Jeff spray painted his shoes to match his pants just so he could have that really authentic look.
I've always joked that one of these years I was going to be six months pregnant and I would come as the sturdy lady they pass in the train car. Since I was indeed six months pregnant this year it just seemed appropriate.

Random photos of the evening~

As they say, everybody's got an angle. In case you're in the market for booths they are for sale.


TulipGirl said...

LOVE this! Seriously! I look forward to this post EVERY year! *L* I really do. . . I love your White Christmas parties and traditions. And, oh MY! Recreating the Train Car scene, booths and everything?! Love, love! Your hubby's costume is one of my faves that he has done. And Little Celene looks precious. I really think this may be the best year yet!

(Okay, so maybe I'm gushing, but really. . . this makes me so happy each year!)

Your loving cousin,

~the gambill gals~ said...

I also look forward every year to joining you vicariously via the blog. It is such a fun tradition with such creative costumes!

The little actresses are really cute. It's obvious that the really got into it. :)