Friday, April 15, 2016

Where to Begin?

Project 52 seems to be lost in the move. I've decided moving is a lot like childbirth. When you're in the middle of it you vow you'll never do it again. But time must fade the memory because most people do repeat the experience.

In spite of the overwhelming number of boxes we are enjoying the new experiences that this house brings. Plus it's spring time so it's a perfect time for the kids to explore the new surroundings.

Here's a round up of what we've been doing lately.

This little guy LOVES to be outside and sometimes his sisters get him ready to go out.

It always feels good when the clothing beast has been conquered for another season. I've thought that I kept it simple with the kid's clothes. But moving made me realize that we still had way too much. It's easy for it to pile up when it's hand me downs or garage sale finds. It still means a cost of time to manage it all. I created a checklist of a simplified wardrobe and checked off each item as I came across them in storage and then got rid of the rest.

Jeff and Celene head out on a goat buying adventure.
And they were successful. We now have three Boer goats which the girls walk around our yard on a leash, hug, sing to, etc.

This girly has quite a way with small people and small animals. They all love her!

Elise turned three a few weeks ago. She was a high needs one year old, a sweet two year old and now a funny three year old. Just that kind of adorable three year oldness that makes you smile everyday. Like if you ask her what her whole name is she'll tell you "Elise Navidad".

Monday, March 14, 2016

Project 52

                   Photo prompt: What I'm Reading

Fit to Burst is a book I've read over and over. I needed it last week to remind me that if I'm not teaching my kids to be kind and patient even when life is a whirlwind then I'm missing what's most important.
Life was indeed crazy around here. My mom broke her hip, my in-laws were out of town (which meant Jeff was flying solo at the shop) and we were getting our house ready for the realtor to come and take pictures. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Project 52

Photo prompt: focused
This little person loves tea parties right now!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

These Two Make My Heart Happy

In the beginning this is how the two of them felt about each other....
I remember a drive home from church where they yelled no at each other the whole way home.

 But over time God knit their hearts together.  I can't say what it would be like to have biological twins, but I can't imagine that these two could be any closer. They have their own jokes, favorite things to play together and can always make the other one laugh.
                         Our caseworker often said she couldn't imagine one without the other.
People are always asking if they're twins. I'm starting to think maybe we should just say yes :)

Project 52

Photo prompt: together
I didn't take this photo but I decided to use it as my picture of the week anyway. It is very rare, as in only every few years, for all of us girls to have an extended period of time together. Yesterday we  were celebrating Natalie's 30th birthday! We ate crepes, spent a long time wandering the aisles of the thrift store, picked out curtain fabric and ended it all up with another snack.  Good times for sure!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Glimmer

Yes, this week I had a glimmer of hope. Koen will do something other than destroy things sometime in the future. This is just a season. There were two whole days where he actually played with things that were permissible.
He was delighting himself (and us as well) with his butter stacking abilities this week.

Project 52

                                  Photo prompt:  pieces
                                                                                              Little girl creations.