Sunday, January 31, 2016

Project 52

                                                             Photo prompt: texture
                    It's so fun to have girls who are big enough to create things in the kitchen!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Project 52

                              Photo prompt for this week: with the sky
Our sky looks a lot like the ground today!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Project 52. Or maybe 45 or 49

A dear friend and I were talking recently about her new DSLR and we decided to do a picture challenge each week this year just to stretch ourselves and test some new skills.
The theme I chose for this week was treasure.
This little face was rather stormy looking for many months after she came but slowly this sweet smile began to emerge.  Her smile is definitely a treasure to us!

Monday, January 4, 2016


One of the highlights of 2015 was discovering that this family can travel! Up to that point the thought of it made me want to run and hide. But Jeff convinced me to try a week at the beach in September and it went really well.
We unexpectedly had an opportunity to go to Williamsburg in the fall which wrapped up our Colonial history study very nicely. I really wanted to make the girls dresses for the trip but had a limited budget and even more limited time frame to get them done. I think it was one of those instances when God just blessed a desire because I easily found enough curtains and table cloths in my price range and I was able to squeeze in sewing time here and there.

 The kids had so many pictures taken of them that they fell into a routine of where to stand when someone approached. Elise had a fit (as in the above picture) if I tried to take her picture but when a lady with an English accent wanted to take one she smiled sweet as could be and acted very angelically.

 On the one rainy day we had the bright idea to take a bus to Jamestown and ride the ferry. Please do not EVER take public transportation to Jamestown if you stay in Williamsburg. It's a six mile trip and we ended up riding the bus for more than two hours. With a one and two year old that is no picnic. But the one plus was that we had some real life opportunity to choose a happy heart even when things didn't go as planned ;)

This is clear proof that Jeff loves me. He allowed his son to be seen in public in a dress and tights.

When we were talking about fun things from last year almost all the kids included Williamsburg as one of the best things we did.  It was a very affordable trip, especially for a large family with young children. We didn't pay to get in any of the buildings, we just did what was free and walked the streets. That was quite enough for the kids and their ages.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The AMAZING White Christmas Party...

Delicious food, people we love and lots of laughs. It was the perfect party!

We turned the corner and there was Bob Wallace and the General discussing the General's retirement plans. (Nate and Chip)

After seeing the jeep I was so glad we left Koen with Grandma. I'm afraid it's poor little life would have been cut short if he had been around.
What would you like to dream about tonight? Choose your sandwich and a glass of buttermilk. (Chris, Katie and Liam)
Lights from the "Choreography" scene. It's been so long since I've actually watched the movie that I need to go back and see these lights! (Ashley)

An extra that runs into Betty while running on the stairs. Another reason to watch the movie closely! (Alice)

Sorry Mom-Mom, it's the only picture of you I ended up with. I really don't think she's as disappointed in the antics of her offspring as this picture makes it appear ;)

A cigarette seller from the "Carousel" scene and the guy in charge of the record from the "Sisters" scene. She's selling cigarettes and wearing a mini skirt. Clearly it's time for Dad to take her in hand.

They unknowingly fit right into the scene as background horseshoe players during the General's contemplation of retirement.
(Chris and Deb)

Phil Davis and his charming cocker spaniel.
(Natalie and Chad)

"The theater, the theater whatever happened to the theater"? That midget of a Danny Kaye looks so thrilled with this idea.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

After 1,174 days in foster care, finally....

Monday, September 28, 2015


Here's a round-up of some current favorites in our house..

1. Recipe I found it's easiest to place the cheese and meat on one half of the tortilla and then cook it open face. When the cheese is melted add the toppings, fold it in half and cut it in quarters.

2. School We're still enjoying Sonlight curriculum but we got to Colonial era history and I had to stop! If you're a history lover who lives on the East Coast there is just so much to explore. So much early American history happened right around us.  We're taking a month off to do lots of reading and field trips. This blog was a great book resource as well as having some really neat ideas for a Colonial lap book. We've never done a lap book before but I think the girls will like putting one together.

3. Cleaning Schedule Ending our Friday cleaning with a movie has been met with great enthusiasm by the kids and it kills two birds with one stone for me. Not only is it a fun way to end the chores but if anyone asks about a movie during the week I can always remind them that Friday is movie day :)  I've tried various cleaning schedules in the past but it always petered out after a month or so. I was convicted that the problem was me, not the schedule. I was too lazy to enforce what needed to be done. I have to admit I still have to have a pep talk with myself on Thursday night to remind myself of why it's important to clean each week. It's not just a tidy house but it's my responsibility as a mom to prepare my kids for real life and work is a big part of the world.

4. Photo Shoot I took Koen's one year photos when we were at the beach a few weeks ago. I'm finding it's really fun to dress a boy! Thanks to Grandma for the new outfit.